Reverse the Cycle of Your Business

The role of the business owner is that of strategist, visionary and leader. Business owners often need to rekindle the original vision of the business they created; it may be lost beneath the overgrowth of the immediate demands of customers, staff and suppliers. To do this, a business owner may need to reverse the direction of the business cycle.

When a business starts up, the flow is Owner -> creates business -> which generates customers -> then owner hires a Team to serve customers. This works in a start up situation. But to really rev up the business, this flow needs to be reversed: The Owner develops Team Members -> who serve customers -> who generate business -> which delivers a return to the owner. The focus of the owner changes from super-employee to leader and trainer.

Which direction does your business run? Do you spend your time developing your team or generating customers? If you want to grow and prosper, focus on your team.

Let’s meet to discuss the cycle of your business!

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About Jim Barger Action Coach

I am a certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the World’s #1 Business Coaching Company. More than a business consultant, I work with business owners to make their businesses work for them, not the other way 'round. If you'd like to explore how you can get control of your business, I'll buy the coffee, if you bring the topic - Boom! One problem solved!
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