3 Common Marketing Mistakes

The 3 Point Series: Common Marketing Mistakes

Business owners generally feel they should do marketing, but a surprising number do none. They have tried some things before which didn’t seem to work, so they are reluctant to spend more money. But a nagging thought remains that they should be doing something. Let’s look at three common marketing mistakes.

  1. Undefined Target Market. Business people often think they can sell to anyone. If they have money, they could be customers. But the question isn’t whether someone COULD be a customer. The question is who is most LIKELY to be my customer, making my marketing spend most efficient. Think demographics but also think of other characteristics of users of your products. Older men with pickups, Teenagers who have iPads, Dog owners living in apartments. These are beyond demographics and their needs/wants are fairly definable.
  2. Choosing Media before clearly defining the strategy. Business owners often think “I’ll do some Radio.” or a magazine salesman shows up and we buy an ad. Choosing the media is the last thing you do in your marketing plan, not the first. Only after you have done all the planning and defining are you in a position to decide which media will deliver your target.
  3. Not Testing & Measuring. Too often people decide to advertise and then go big right away. Bet the wad, roll the dice. Not a good strategy. You need to experiment with some small tests first to determine if a strategy works. Send 100 letters instead of 10,000. Design 10 sales scripts and test them before rolling out the campaign. Research offers to see which have the most appeal to your targets. Then, once you’ve determined the most effective message and target, you can go big, with confidence.

Marketing is key to driving your business. It includes everything from large TV ad campaigns to you, the owner, chatting with someone on a sales call. You need to have a clear process to prepare for success and avoid these three mistakes.

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