What Time Is The 3 o’clock Parade?

I’ve recently been listening to Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. Some great insights into how a master marketer delights its customers.

Here are a few of my Disney learnings:

Customer Satisfaction

When Is The 3 O’Clock Parade?

Disney uses Psychographics to research its customers. They interview Guests to quantify what they call the 4 Compass Points: Wants, Needs, Stereotypes, Emotions.

Wants: What are Guests looking to receive from their time at Disney (Fun, magic, bonding with kids)
Needs: What are their Guests’ minimum requirements and critical necessities (bathrooms, good food, transportation)
Stereotypes: What do Guests expect from the industry (long lines, expensive, dirty)
Emotions: What emotions are Guests expecting to experience (fun, happiness, love)

Focusing on meeting and improving this list means Disney is always delighting Guests. This analysis could (and should) be applied to your business! Give some thought about your customers’ compass points. I wrote about this in a previous post. What a great topic for your next team meeting! (You do have one scheduled soon, right?)

The most frequently asked question at Disney? “What time is the 3:00 Parade?” Seems like a dumb question, but what it means is “When will the parade pass this spot?”. Disney  trains its Cast (employees) to be ready to help answer frequent Guest questions.

Staff understand these hidden questions and are ready to respond with the correct answer without snide and sarcastic comments. Anticipating questions reduces miscommunication. How do your staff respond to seemingly “dumb” questions?

There is no doubt that we can all lift our game. But don’t try to do it alone! Involve your team and you’ll see a side of them you haven’t seen before.

There’s more than enough here to warrant a cup of coffee! I’ll buy if you bring the topic.

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