Am I Any Good?

Hire Jim Barger! Jim is a visionary, a leader, a coach, a confidant. He knows how to build a business from the ground up through sound strategy, innovation and leveraging technology. He can also drive results in a mature business by his saintly ability to get people to focus on core assets and profit delivery with discipline and collaboration. Jim believes in the power of high performing teams and it was a pleasure to work with him.

– Paul Reynish, Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin’ Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin Robbins)

Jim – I want to thank you for being our Coach. Thanks to you and the Action Coach program we are making great progress in getting J&C Company in position for growth and a profitable future here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

– Jim Becker, J & C Company, Lincoln

Prior to signing up to work with Jim Barger and Action Coach, I thought I was running my Omaha, Nebraska, business in a way that was focused on future growth and development.  After spending just a few minutes with Jim, I realized I needed to work closer with him because my business actions were not that of a person and company that would ever be successful.

I began working with Jim at the beginning of 2010, and since then I have really began to run my company as a business.  Jim has not only offered me valuable advice and ideas that have helped others become successful, but he has challenged me to set numerous goals and keeps me accountable for striving to achieve them.  Since working with Jim Barger, I have seen my average sales price go up, my margins have increased, and I have a much better balance between my business life and personal life.  I would strongly recommend to anyone that is looking to increase their profits and develop a more in depth understanding of their business that they need to contact Jim Barger.

– Josh Eriksen, Affordable Closets, LLC, Omaha

I have worked with Jim as my coach for almost two years and his encouragement and challenges have enabled me to achieve solid gains in sales. We have been able to identify clear strategies to move my business forward and to plan my time to achieve them. I recommend everyone should have a business coach!

– Ron Stachura, Glassdoctor, Lincoln

My experience with ActionCOACH has helped me focus on specific strategies to move my business forward. The accountability and support have been priceless. Their systems of planning, goal setting, and clearly defining specific steps to achieve my plans has helped me become more organized and effective. There is no doubt that every business owner needs a coach!

– Chris Woodhouse, ACE Technical Solutions, Omaha

Jim Barger with ActionCOACH has provided me with the knowledge and system to run any business with confidence. The written goals provide direction which enables me to focus my resources upon the desired out come. The accountability provides the necessary motivation to keep me moving forward. This has made a significant impact upon me and my business.

– Dale Gleason, Advanced Business Solutions, Omaha

Jim’s value in advising small business owners is immeasurable; I can almost guarantee that implementing his advise will result in an increase in revenue, (and a corresponding reduction in stress) for the small business owner. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and has a great concern for the success of his clients. Jim made me a believer in business coaching. As an attorney representing many small businesses, I would recommend him (and have recommended him) without hesitation to any of my clients.

– Jeff Palzer, Attorney, Omaha

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