What’s a business coach and why would I need one?

It’s a question I am always being asked. It is a fairly new concept in business, but essentially, I do for business people what a sports coach does for athletes – help them, and their business, reach maximum potential.

The second question I am often asked is, “But what could you teach me about my business? I’ve been in business for years and I’ve done well”. My reply – “Possibly nothing. If you have built your business successfully then you are unquestionably the expert in your field. There may be nothing I can teach you – about your business.”

What I can do is give you an objective view of your business, enable you to tap into knowledge and experience gained from successfully working with thousands of businesses and introduce you to a way of thinking about your business that will change the way you approach it.

Every successful team has a coach, including those at the top of their game. Success depends on coaching. Look at the sports analogy again. Super Bowl teams, World Series winners, top seeds – all had coaches to get them there, and all continue to have coaches after they’ve achieved their ultimate success.

It’s exactly the same in business. Many business owners have made it on their own talent and are running profitable businesses as a result. But the question is what is their real potential? That’s why business coaching is so important. It’s the key that can unlock the potential in both the business and its owner.

As a Coach, I teach, encourage and challenge. I don’t consult. I don’t do the work for you. I will teach you how to realize your potential, giving you the knowledge, tools, and vision to take both you and your business to the next level, and to ultimately enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits that come with it. I will encourage you when you face challenges, push you when you need to press on.

Now that you know what a business coach is, three questions must be answered:

  1. What would you like to achieve in your business? What frustration would you like to remove from your life, what goal would you like to achieve? The answer to this question is often More Profit, More Time or a Better Team, but may be another issue you are struggling with.
  2. Can I, as your business coach, help you achieve that goal? We both need to answer this question. I will not take on a client unless I am certain I can significantly improve a business and make coaching free within 4 months.
  3. Are you willing to invest the time and effort to do what’s required to make the changes necessary to accomplish your goal? Coaching isn’t magic – it’s focus and direction. You must count the cost before jumping in.

Here’s the bottom line: Business coaching works – I’ve proved it to myself and to my clients. By taking deliberate action, business owners can change their business – and their lives. I guarantee it to my clients in writing. If you are dissatisfied with the results you are achieving in your business, let me buy you a cup of coffee and we’ll talk about a topic you choose. No obligation or pressure, but I will provide you with at least one great idea on how to move your business forward.

Let’s meet . . .

Am I any good?

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